Fix This Issue - Damaged PST File Due To Form Corruption

If you want to fix this issue, Damaged PST file due to form corruption then, you can choose Outlook Recovery tool. This tool can recover all types of corruptions of Outlook PST file including the form corruption.

Form in Microsoft Outlook is the user interface, which shows the information of specific Outlook items. When you open or read an item in Microsoft Outlook, the form gets operated to show the information. A duplicate of each custom form gets stored locally in cache by MS Outlook. When you store forums in public folders of Microsoft Exchange, the form gets operated by Microsoft Outlook from cache. In some cases, the Outlook doesnt show items and the Outlook PST file becomes inaccessible due to problems in Outlook forms or cache forms.

When problems occur in Outlook forms or cache forms, you may face this error, The form you selected, cannot be displayed. Contact Administrator

Sometimes, Microsoft Outlook doesn't show such error message and instead of opening custom form, it opens the default form. Frmcache.dat file is the file that stores entire the information of Outlook form & forms cache. If this file also faces trouble due to problem in Form or PST file then, you get the requirement of using a PST recovery software. Inbox repair tool or scanpst.exe is the inbuilt utility of Microsoft Outlook, which is used to repair the PST file. This tool fixes most of the problems of PST file but, if the problem happens due to CRC errors or breakdown of application then, you get the need of using third party tool. Among many third party tools, Outlook Recovery is one better third party tool. It doesnt make changes to the information of Outlook during repairing process and you get better results in the operation of Outlook PST recovery with it.