Repair PST Vista after Error- file xxxx.pst is not a personal folder

Corruption is an inevitable menace that comes without a knock and when it comes, it takes away your crucial and significant email data stored inside the PST files of your Outlook email application in Windows Vista OS environment. Using Outlook email system makes you feel secure about your email info, but is your email data really secure and safe inside the mailbox room of Outlook email platform? Well! Not really! Corruption can strike anytime and without a prior intimation. This can be caused due to a malicious intrusion into your system by a virus or Trojan or other malware element. Other reasons are also sometimes responsible for the erratic behavior of Outlook email client like wrong shutting down of the application or the system, issue with some hardware component affecting the files of the system including PST files, software malfunction etc.

Step - 1 Error Encountered: Sometimes, when you try to open such a corrupted or damaged personal folder file (PST file) with Outlook, you see the error stated below:

Click Here - Damaged or Corrupt PST File

Then this error occur: The file xxxx.pst is not a personal folders file


Step - 2

Solution to recover these error and you can watch online recovered Outlook PST file.

Click Here - Recovered PST file

Most Probable Reason behind This Error: As you know that your PST file consists of two parts, one is the file header and other is the data part. File header holds all the important information about the entire PST file as a whole like its file sign, file size, its compatibility etc. If this file header gets damaged, and Outlook cannot recognize it, then the application marks that the PST file is not and prompts you with the above mentioned error message.

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