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With more and more growth in personal communication and collation of official as well as personal information, your PST file of Outlook, which is the storage house for all this data, expands considerably. Therefore, after prolonged use of Outlook, we often come in the need to divide heavy PST files into smaller ones. Large size of PST files slows the speed of many email operations, like searching any info, moving an email etc. So, splitting PST into smaller pieces helps you obtain faster management of the application.

Value determining version of SPlit PST Software

Beyond 2GB is the Danger Zone for ANSI PST: MS Outlook older versions; Outlook 97, Outlook 2000, and Outlook 2002, which make use of ANSI PST format, don't support PST files larger than 2GB size. Also, if you have IMAP and HTTP account settings in the newer Outlook 2003 version, then also ANSI PST is created which again has 2GB limitation. Also, in Outlook 2007, ANSI is used explicitly. So, 2GB danger zone is a common problem prevailing with the use of Outlook email application. So if your PST file has reached this limit or is about to reach it, and you want to continue using the old version of Outlook only, then the only solution is to split PST into smaller parts.

Split PST tool will help you divide heavy PST files into smaller ones.